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1929 Kolster-Brandes model Brandeset 3A Wifi and Bluetooth speaker system with a 1928 Celection C12 Speaker.
1929 Kolster-Brandes model Brandeset IIIA Wifi and Bluetooth speaker system.

This is a historically correct combination of two British classics. A 1929 Kolster-Brandes and a 1928 Celestion Speaker!

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Wifi, Bluetooth, FM radio and Aux inputs.

120w six speaker system ensures excellent sound quality!

Connect to almost any Bluetooth or Wifi device.

Wifi gives you better range and sound quality than Bluetooth along with mult-room streaming. You can connect and play music to six or more speaker systems (depending on the app used) at a time playing different or the same music perfectly synchronised.

The original radio is still completely intact.

Case condition: The case has been been renovated and has very few signs of its age. As you can see from the pictures both the radio and speaker are beautiful!

See below for the full listing:

TSF Vintage Radios 'Télégraphie sans fil' Wifi and Bluetooth Conversion:

We take these vintage radios and give them life again. There are very few AM stations around so the use for a tube/valve AM radio is limited other than an amazing looking piece of furniture. Sadly this is not enough to save these classic and rare pieces of engineering and architecture. Many are lost and damaged beyond repair just sitting in barns and attics. Many are striped for their case to make lamps and sadly some Bluetooth radio conversions.

We install a modern Wifi and Bluetooth sound system without removing ANY of the original radio so it is preserved for the future. This is much harder and more time consuming than emptying the case like some Bluetooth converters do. We save the radio's future as an antique.

A new sound board has been fitted in front of the old speaker with two 40watt low frequency speakers, two 20watt high frequency speakers and two high frequency speaker. A total of 120 watts which comparable to an average car sound system. The speakers are driven by two high fidelity dual channel amplifier coupled to the Bluetooth card and FM radio. Each speaker is individually driven through a frequency filtering system which filters the appropriate frequency to the speaker with the optimum performance in that range. This give excellent sound quality across all frequency ranges. This system sounds and looks great!

There is a Bluetooth control head mounted on the back panel of the radio with an aux input for USB, mini headphone jack or memory cards. Also there is a switch to activate the wifi connectivity. The system also has a FM radio installed. All of the Bluetooth functions are controlled via remote. We mount the control head on the back of the radio as not to affect the vintage look of the radio but this does mean that to use the remote it must be held close to the back of the radio to work. The Wifi and Bluetooth function is controlled though your computer devise and works up to 10 meters (30 feet) in any directions subject to obstructions for the Bluetooth but much further for the Wifi function.

The original on/off switch works to switch off/on power to the unit. This switch is located on the front of the radio. This switch also switches on the dial back lighting which is LED and has been converted to low voltage along with the rest of the radio. An external power supply is included with the radio and is plugged into a port on the back left side of the radio. It works in all countries and is provided with the plug of your choice.

To get started just plug in the power supply, connect it to the radio, turn on the old power switch , select the radio from your Wifi or Bluetooth device and enjoy!

Case condition: The case has been been renovated and has very few signs of its age. As you can see from the pictures this radio and its speaker are in amazing condition.

Before you read the list of compatibility below in short as long as your device is not over a few years old it should work. Using a PC requires a little more setup and knowledge where with Android and Apple you can download an app that will do most of the setup for you.

Keep in mind multi room streaming is a fairly new concept and requires a newish system although there are a few apps with Apple that make the setup easy like 'Whaale'.

The Wifi function can stream local or online music from from Phones, Tablets, PCs, Macs etc.
Apple AirPlay & DLNA Compatible - iOS & Android.
Compatible System:Android 4.0 and later;iOS 7.0 and later;Mac OS;Windows 10 and later..
Our Wifi is a 3rd Generation WiFi Audio Receiver that features - Multi room synchronised streaming from ALL devices. Streaming from cloud services such as Spotify, Pandora, TuneInRadio etc.

line-in/AUX jack,
Bluetooth 3.0 connection, (works on all Bluetooth devices, 30+ feet away)
USB/MP3 player,
FM radio tuner.
Dimensions :
Radio :36cm x 59cm x 28cm (14.2in x 23.2in x 11in)
Speaker: 35.4cm x 35.4cm x 16cm.

This radio's history:

Kolster-Brandes Ltd. descended from Brandes in Toronto (Canada,est.1908), which became part of AT&T (USA) in 1922. The british branch was established in 1924: Brandes Ltd, Slough.

By 1930 they were employing around 2000 employees and were famous for being one of the first employers to in 1930 to have men and women used to work on the same task. A huge step for women's rights.

Kolster-Brandes became a household name in Britain for quality radios and even won the contract in 1936 to supply the internal communications and radio receiving equipment for the luxury liner Queen Mary.

This radio was being sold in 1929 in the UK for about £1000 in today's money with the speaker costing as much again.

1928 Celestion speaker history:

In 1924 Cyril French set up a small business to manufacture loudspeakers. Helping Eric Mackintosh improve his invention, one of the earliest cone loudspeakers. By 1926 French and Mackintosh and a new speaker decide which they patented that same year.
The C12 was one of their most successful speakers and sold all over the world. Celestion is still in business and still making audio systems.