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Wifi and Bluetooth speaker system 1932 Técalémit model T40 vintage radio.
Wifi and Bluetooth speaker system 1932 Técalémit model T40 vintage radio.

How about something completely unique? This beautiful speaker system has been converted from a rare 1932 Técalémit radio model T40 radio leaving the original electronics completely intact.

BRIEF HISTORY: Radio Técalémit started in 1932 and stopped manufacturing radios in early 1936. The T40 was their first model produced!

The company was a joint venture of two business men/inventors: Emile Piquerez and Joseph Christe. They invented an oil fitting for the car industry in 1922 and and went into business under the name of Techla. Shortly after starting the company they joined forces with an American company called Alemite who was also in the same business. The joint venture was then renamed Técalémit.

When Técalémit decided to produce radios in 1932 they were a hit from the start with their modern Art Deco design. They also had the money behind them to produce top quality radios from the start. With their links with the USA they were able to market their radios in France and the USA where they sold the vast majority of their radios.

The Great Depression ended their radio production but the company survived by falling back to their original business producing oil fittings and lines. The company is still in business using the same name.

THE CONVERSION: Designed and built by American husband and wife team, Jane and John Griffin, with over 30 years experience making audio systems. We are based in a small village deep in the wine region in the South of France.

More music sources exist today than ever before…and our wifi/Bluetooth system is designed with these in mind…a single "smart speaker" that delivers a world of musical content straight to your ears for a satisfying acoustic, aesthetic and intuitive experience.

STREAM MUSIC THROUGHOUT YOUR HOME. The WiFi function also allows you to enjoy multi-room streaming. You can connect and play music to six or more speaker systems (depending on the app used) at a time playing different or the same music perfectly synchronised. Our system will connect wherever there is WiFi in your house.

CONNECT THROUGH AIRPLAY/DLNA/ANDROID. The WiFi function can stream from Phones, Tablets, PCs, Macs etc. Compatible Systems; Android 4.0 and later; iOS 7.0 and later; Mac OS; Windows 10 and later. Our WiFi is a 3rd Generation receiver that features - Multi room synchronised streaming from ALL devices. Apple devices can simply use the existing AirPlay feature on their device to stream to the AirMusic receiver. No App downloads required!

Android devices must download Free App - AirShare (Recommended), BubbleUPnP, iMediaShare etc

Apple devices using Airplay are also able to stream audio from internet based Apps (Spotify, YouTube, Pandora etc). Android devices will require root access first until new Andoid OS is released.

HEAR IT IN ACTION. Link to YouTube video: https://youtu.be/GhUOHTZHq4g

TECHNICAL. Our system has amazing sound quality and power, (a total 200 watt) one dedicated 100watt 13.5cm (5.5in) bass woofer with oversized magnets, two 40watt 8.7cm (3.5in.) dual cone mid/high frequency speakers and two 10watt high frequency tweeters. Custom digital signal processor, 200 watts three channel system with a Class D perfectly tuned digital amplifier. Use it as a guitar amp through the mini headphone jack.

Original on/off switch functions.

Original volume control functions.

Back lighting functions.

Separate Treble and bass adjustments.

DIMENSIONS. 38.0 x 47.0 x 23.0 cm / 15 x 18.5 x 9.1 inch

Low voltage, powered by an external 12volt supply which meets modern safety standards (Shortage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Voltage Protection /Safety Compliance: CCC/CE). 1 Year full warranty.

Case Condition:

The case has signs of its age with some sun fading and scratches but other than this it is in amazing condition as you can see from the pictures.