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1935 Philco model 84B Bluetooth radio with FM and Aux inputs.
1935 Philco model 84B superheterodyne Bluetooth radio with FM and Aux inputs. Cathedral style.

This radio is an American rare Art Deco Classic. Very few of this model where made and fewer are still around. This model was to appeal to a niche market at the time as it was classed as a mini-cathedral at only 36cm (14.2 in) high. The 'B' in its model number stands for 'Baby Grand'. Philips were only one of a few radio manufacturers in the mid 1930's to realise that not everyone wanted a huge radio. The Philco 84B still has all the class and style of a full sized Grand Cathedral radio. It also was big enough to fit a full four speaker Bluetooth sound system.

Follow this link for a YouTube video: https://youtu.be/K75qHW0aI3k

Bluetooth, FM radio and Aux inputs for iPod etc.

Connect to almost any Bluetooth devise.

100 four speaker system exactly paired with our 100watt top class digital amplifier ensures the best possible sound quality. If they are not exactly paired you lose either bass or treble quality. We install two high frequency speakers and two mid/low frequency speakers.

Excellent stereo sound quality across all frequency ranges.

Can be used as a guitar amp!

The original radio is still completely intact.

Original on/off switch functions.

Original volume control functions.

Back lighting functions.

This system sounds and looks great!

Supplied with either an American, U.K. or European plug. Our speaker systems are all low voltage and powered by an external 12volt supply which meets modern safety standards. (Shortage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Voltage Protection /Safety Compliance: CCC /CE)

Case condition: The case has been restored but does have sights of its age; some scratches and sun fading. The radio also has an old veneer repair on its left side which you can see in the pictures. Other than that, it looks in amazing condition!

line-in/AUX jack,
Bluetooth 3.0 connection, (works on all Bluetooth devices, 30+ feet away)
USB/MP3 player,
FM radio tuner.
Dimensions: 305 x 360 x 200 mm / 12 x 14.2 x 7.9 inch

Radio's history:

The Philico company started in spring the of 1892. Thomas Spencer organized a small company in Philadelphia for the purpose of procucing carbon arc lamps and associated equipment. Initially it was called Spencer Company but in 1919 changed its name to Philico. By 1928 Philco had started manufacturing radios.