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Bluetooth speaker system 1935 Crosley model 515 'Fiver' radio with aux inputs and FM radio.
Bluetooth speaker system 1935 Crosley model 515 'Fiver' radio with aux inputs and FM radio.

This is one of Crosley's most popular models for obvious reasons! Saying that this the first of this model I've found.

The US was deep in the throes of the Great Depression and value for money was for the highest priority. Although Being only 30cm high is has the style and class of one of the very large 1930 models when money was no problem. Crosley got it right with this model. This model sold for $19.00 and was lovingly referred to as the 'fiver' by its fans.

Follow this link for a YouTube video: https://youtu.be/SKMe1vUAW68

Bluetooth, FM radio and Aux inputs for iPod etc.

Connect to almost any Bluetooth devise.

100 four speaker system exactly paired with our 100watt top class digital amplifier ensures the best possible sound quality. If they are not exactly paired you lose either bass or treble quality. We install two high frequency speakers and two mid/low frequency speakers.

Excellent stereo sound quality across all frequency ranges.

Can be used as a guitar amp!

The original radio is still completely intact.

Original on/off switch functions.

Original volume control functions.

Back lighting functions.

This system sounds and looks great!

Supplied with either an American, U.K. or European plug. Our speaker systems are all low voltage and powered by an external 12volt supply which meets modern safety standards. (Shortage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Voltage Protection /Safety Compliance: CCC /CE)

Case condition: The case does have sights of its age; some scratches and sun fading. Other than that, it looks in amazing condition!

line-in/AUX jack,
Bluetooth 3.0 connection, (works on all Bluetooth devices, 30+ feet away)
USB/MP3 player,
FM radio tuner.
Dimensions: 260 x 297 x 192 mm / 10.2 x 11.7 x 7.6 inch

The Crosley Manufacturing Corp., founded by Powel Crosley Jr. of Cincinnati, Ohio, began selling low cost "Harko" crystal receivers. Crosley Radio Corp. purchased in 1924 a large manufacturing plant which he equipped to produce 5000 radios per day, including on-site manufacture of many of the basic components as well as the cabinets. Crosley borrowed low-cost high-volume manufacturing concepts from the automotive industry, which earned him the title of "The Henry Ford of Radio."

Crosley's sales and profits peaked in 1928. Although Crosley had been successful in the 1920s with low cost radios and high volume manufacturing, by the early 1930s, Philco replaced Crosley as the low cost leader. Crosley survived as an independent manufacturer until 1945, when it was purchased by Aviation Corp. (Avco). Crosley radio and TV products were produced by Avco until 1956.

Crosley produced a number of other products. In 1926, the company introduced its "Icyball" refrigerator, a kerosene powered refrigerator that could be used in homes without electricity. This was the first in a long line of home appliances that was made until 1956. Crosley also produced automobiles briefly in the late 1930s and again just after WWII. Crosley specialized in very compact fuel-efficient cars, which were not popular with Americans in the post-war period. During WWII, Crosley was a major producer of the "proximity fuze," an important weapon component used to great advantage by the Allies during the war.

Crosley is still in business making record players their present shop is on Crosley www.crosleyradio.com.