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1935 Art Deco Kadette model 53 Wifi & Bluetooth speaker system with FM and Aux inputs.
1935 Art Deco Kadette model 53 Wifi & Bluetooth speaker system with FM and Aux inputs.

International Radio Corp ( Kadette) Model was manufactured in 1935 and was designed to rival the large radio manufactures like RCA at the time. It was designed to have style and performance but at a price that the working class family could afford. The model 53 just oozes Art Deco.

Wifi, Bluetooth, FM radio and Aux inputs for iPod etc.

100w four speaker system exactly paired with our 100watt top class digital amplifier ensures the best possible sound quality. If they are not exactly paired you lose either bass or treble quality.

Connect to almost any Bluetooth or Wifi device.

Can be used as a guitar amp!

Original on/off switch functions.

Original volume control functions.

Back lighting functions.

Excellent stereo sound quality across all frequency ranges.

This system sounds and looks great!

The original radio is still completely intact.

Wifi allows you to enjoy mult-room streaming. You can connect and play music to six or more speaker systems (depending on the app used) at a time playing different or the same music perfectly synchronised. Wifi also has a better range than Bluetooth. Our speaker systems will connect wherever there is Wifi in your house.

Supplied with either an American, U.K. or European plug. Our speaker systems are all low voltage and powered by an external 12volt supply which meets modern safety standards. (Shortage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Voltage Protection /Safety Compliance: CCC /CE)

Case condition: This radio is in amazing condition for its age. The case does have a few scratches and sun fading. As you can see from the picture it looks fabulous.

TSF Vintage Radios 'Télégraphie sans fil' Bluetooth Conversion:

We take these vintage radios and give them life again without removing or destroying any of the original radio. Many companies strip the case of its original radio and replace it with new electronics. We install the new electronics along side the antique radio without removing any of the original components.

The Wifi function can stream local or online music from from Phones, Tablets, PCs, Macs etc.
Apple AirPlay & DLNA Compatible - iOS & Android.
Compatible System:Android 4.0 and later;iOS 7.0 and later;Mac OS;Windows 10 and later..
Our Wifi is a 3rd Generation WiFi Audio Receiver that features - Multi room synchronised streaming from ALL devices. Streaming from cloud services such as Spotify, Pandora, TuneInRadio etc.

Apple devices can simply use the exisiting AirPlay feature on there device to stream to the AirMusic receiver. No App downloads required!

Android devices must download Free App - AirShare (Recommended), BubbleUPnP, iMediaShare etc

Apple devices using Airplay are also able to stream audio from internet based Apps (Spotify, YouTube, Pandora etc). Android devices will require root access first until new Andoid OS is released.

The history of International Radio Corp ( Kadette):

Charles Verschoor started the company in Ann Arbor, Mi, in the mid 1920's. Charles A. Verschoor was born in 1888 in Dundee, Michigan, about 25 miles south of Ann Arbor. Verschoor studied at both Michigan State University and the University of Michigan and as a young man, he worked in the drafting department of the Burroughs Adding Machine Company.

During World War I, Verschoor worked as a civilian in the War Department, where he organized Army motor pools and trained drivers and mechanics. At the conclusion of the war he wrote automotive manuals and sold automobile parts. Verschoor's automotive parts enterprise operated under the name Precision Parts.

By the mid 1920's he has decided to try his hand at manufacturing radios. Vershoor's first radios set, the Arbor Phone, what a simple battery-operated tuned radio frequency (TRF) receiver resembling an early Atwater Kent. It was a serviceable radio marketed as a lower-cost alternative to the big-name radio brands of its day.

In 1931 one of his staff was spraying lacquer on a radio case when a fire broke out on the spraying compressor. The fire spread quickly and the entire plant was distorted including all his stock.

It was from this fire that the company reformed as 'Kedette'. Funding was put together to rebuild the business with the help for the local town government in order to provide employment for the locals already suffering from the Great Depression.

The Kedette brand was very much a success but wasn't enough to save the company which closed in 1941.