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Instructions for Wifi and/or Bluetooth radios.
Welcome to TSF Vintage Radio's Wifi System. Bluetooth system described below.

We are proud to present our wifi speaker system which supports Apple iOS AirPlay & DLNA protocols.

You can enjoy your favourite music (high quality noise free) wirelessly streamed via wifi from your phone, tablet, laptop or PC. Our Wifi system also supports multi-room compatibility.

To setup your wifi radio:

First go to your wifi connection list and select the radio just like you do to connect to your normal home wifi router. Now your computer is connect directly to the radio's wifi transmitter.

The next step gives the radio the password to your home wifi router. Once it has connected to your wifi router it is available to all computers connected to your home wifi.
Once logged on directly to the radio select your normal internet page and type in this Internet address. ' '
Now you will be directed to the radio's wifi setup page. Select 'internet connection'. Turn on wifi access. The radio will now scan for available wifi signals. Select you home's Internet router from the list and type in its password.

The radio's wifi card will now reboot and connect to your home wifi.

Connect your computer back to your home's wifi and you will see the radio is now available on your device.

Our wifi card also rebroadcasts your home's wifi signal extending its range by doing so. The new internet signal is called the name of your radio and does not have a password so the step below for selecting a password is important. You can connect directly to the radio's wifi signal and surf the net as well as using the wifi speaker system.

Adding a password to your radio's wifi signal:

To add a password for computers using your TSF wifi radio's wifi signal, log directly onto the radio's wifi signal then, using your Internet browser, type in this Internet address. ' ' After connecting to the radio's wifi, select 'Basic Settings'. Select the security option your require and enter the password you would like to use. After 30 seconds your radio will be available as before but requiring this new password if you wish to use its wifi signal to surf the net. Please write this password down somewhere secure.

How to play music:

Note: To stream from PC's Mac's or Laptops:
Any software that supports AirPlay or DLNA is able to stream audio to this wifi radio.

To stream music from PC's

1. Go to settings and use the search option to search for 'media'

2. Select the first item found ' Media streaming options'

3. Select the 'the radio ' device from the list and add. This takes a few minutes.

4. Once added the wifi speaker can be selected from iTunes or from windows media player. If using media player there is a button just below the Sync tab that is a rectangle with a green triangle on its top. Select this button and select 'Cast to Device' then select the wifi radio/speaker from the list.
If from iTunes just select the button just to the right of the volume control and select 'the radio' from the list.

To stream music from Android devices:

Any app that supports DLNA streaming is able to transmit audio to this receiver.
We recommend using either BubbleUPNP, SoftMedia Airshare or iMediashare.
For iMediashare initially follow its basic instructions.
Once iMediashare is open select My Music and select the track to play.
A 'Choose a Screen' window will now appear. Just select your radio and audio will now start streaming at the selected volume.

To stream music from Apple devices:

Whilst playing audio on your device swipe upwards to view 'control centre'.
Now select 'AirPlay' and select your wifi radio. Audio will now start streaming.

To use the multi room function we use the App Whaale.
Follow the instructions in this App. If you have other wifi speaker systems you want to stream music to at the same time try the Whaale free trial app to check if its compatible before buying the app.

In this app you can stream music to multiple wifi speakers with different volumes on each or have different music playing in different rooms at different volumes.

Note: The Wifi connection is very reliable and almost never cuts out if within range. In almost all instances where your music momentarily stops it is your internet connection which is not working fast enough at that moment. Normally noticed during peak usage times of day. If the problem persists check if your internet speed can be improved.

TSF Vintage Radios Bluetooth sound system with Aux inputs and FM radio.

Our Bluetooth systems are designed to work up to 10 meters (30 feet) in any direction,(subject to obstructions).

Our systems will connect to almost any Bluetooth audio device.

1. To start plug in the power supply and connect the low voltage lead to your radio.

2. Turn on the power switch (normally the original switch on the front of the radio). Please note some radios have their power switch on the side. Separate instructions will be provided with each radio with the location of its power switch as they are all individual.

A. Our Bluetooth control head powers up in the AUX input mode.
In this mode you can either connect to the speakers through the aux mini-headphone jack, USB input or memory card slot. The music source will then be scanned for compatible music. To start listening to your music press play on the control head or remote. There is a shuffle, back and forward function on the remote.

B. Our FM radio function is accessed by pressing the mode switch on the control head or remote. (One press of the mode switch after power up.) Press the scan button to scan for available stations. Please note the antenna must be unwound and extended in a direction for best reception for local radio stations. Once the channels have been programmed in they can be selected with the forward or back switches on your remote or on the control head.

C. The Bluetooth function is selected by pressing the mode switch twice after power up. Please note the mode switch toggles in this order : AUX , FM Radio, Bluetooth. If you pass the function required just keep pressing the mode switch until you return to the desired function. Once Bluetooth has been selected find the speaker system on your Bluetooth audio device. Connect and you can start enjoying your music.

Remote functions:

The remote has a:
Volume control.
'Eq.'For selecting different bass treble mixes.
Scan function for the radio.
Mode switch for the three modes. (AUX, FM or Bluetooth)
Numbers for selecting the frequency for the radio or track numbers when in AUX mode.

Please note that the remote must be used to the side or back of the radio as the control head has been mounted on the rear of the radio to preserve the radio's original appearance.

Please also note that the Bluetooth connection is very reliable and almost never cuts out if within range. In almost all instances where your music momentarily stops it is your internet connection which is not working fast enough at that moment. This is normally noticed during peak usage times of day. If the problem persists, check if your internet speed can be improved.