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Greguich sent you a conversation on March 22, 2016.

1936 LMT Art déco moderniste Bluetooth système de haut-parleurs avec radio FM et entrées AUX.



J'avais demandé ce poste comme cadeau d'anniversaire. Je l'ai reçu ce soir et j'en suis ravi. Superbe objet et super boulot !



Grégory Sapojnikoff

Package arrived in perfect shape today. No issues. Unwrapped and playing already. The cord came yesterday in the mail, so another quick shipment.

It looks great, sounds great. I will just listen and post feedback soon.

Thank you so much. Very happy with this purchase. I might have to get another one.

A couple questions for you - from the time I started looking to the time I purchased, you had added several more units. Do you have more coming?
Have you considered a rechargeable solution - one that wouldn't need to be plugged in - except to recharge at some point?

I just really like the dial on this one. And how you've got it set up to light up.

Thanks again.


My radio arrived today in perfect condition! I absolutely love it, beautiful and functional. Thank you so much.

I have now got the radio going (photos attached). Set-up was very simple and the sound quality is great!

Yup John,
all here safe and sound. Crumbs it's a whopper isn't! I am overwhelmed with this wonderful item. My wife said it's the kind thing she's wanted all her life.
We are VERY pleased. Thanks so much.

Well done you.


Radio just arrived....it's beautiful. I plugged it in and it sounds great. This is probably up there with the coolest things i've ever purchased. Thanks so much!
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