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Wifi and Bluetooth speaker system made out of a 1970's Citroen HY Grill.
Wifi and Bluetooth speaker system made out of a 1970's Citroen HY Grill.

These are made to order and have a 4-8 weeks shipping time.

This speaker system is made from a grill of one of the most iconic French vans!
The Citroën H Van, Type H, H-Type or HY is a panel van (light truck) produced by the French car maker Citroën between 1947 and 1981. It was developed as a simple front wheel driven van after World War II. A total of 473,289 were produced in 34 years in factories in France and Belgium.

Wifi, Bluetooth, FM radio and Aux inputs for iPod etc.

360watt speaker system exactly paired with our 360w top class digital amplifier ensures the best possible sound quality. If they are not exactly paired you lose either bass or treble quality. This is a powerful system with a dedicated 200w bass speaker.

Connect to almost any Bluetooth or Wifi device.

Can be used as a guitar amp and has a guitar audio jack input.

This system sounds and looks great!

Supplied with either an American, U.K. or European plug. Our speaker systems are all low voltage and powered by an external 12volt supply which meets modern safety standards. (Shortage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Voltage Protection /Safety Compliance: CCC /CE)

Wifi allows you to enjoy mult-room streaming. You can connect and play music to six or more speaker systems (depending on the app used) at a time playing different or the same music perfectly synchronised. Wifi also has a better range than Bluetooth. Our speaker systems will connect wherever there is Wifi in your house.

The Wifi function can stream local or online music from from Phones, Tablets, PCs, Macs etc.
Apple AirPlay & DLNA Compatible - iOS & Android.
Compatible System:Android 4.0 and later;iOS 7.0 and later;Mac OS;Windows 10 and later..
Our Wifi is a 3rd Generation WiFi Audio Receiver that features - Multi room synchronised streaming from ALL devices. Streaming from cloud services such as Spotify, Pandora, TuneInRadio etc.

Apple devices can simply use the exisiting AirPlay feature on there device to stream to the AirMusic receiver. No App downloads required!

Android devices must download Free App - AirShare (Recommended), BubbleUPnP, iMediaShare etc

Apple devices using Airplay are also able to stream audio from internet based Apps (Spotify, YouTube, Pandora etc). Android devices will require root access first until new Andoid OS is released.

line-in/AUX jack,
Bluetooth 3.0 connection, (works on all Bluetooth devices, 30+ feet away)
USB/MP3 player,
FM radio tuner.
Dimensions : 97cm x 88cm x 10cm (38in x 35in x 4in)

Note: This item is made to order and can take up to 6 weeks to complete. The license plate is different on each grill and in some cases I am not able to find a historic plate so can't include one. Also, as they are made to order please indicate which colour you would like it paint?