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We take vintage radios and add Wifi, Bluetooth, FM radio and AUX inputs.

As a general rule antiques become highly valuable once they near the one hundred year old mark. Many of the radios are getting there but not quite feeling the vast increase in value. In the mean time they are being lost by the thousands. So many radios have been lost that many of the radios I have sold recently I believe to be the last of their kind.

The radio's most at risk of being lost forever are the per-depression year radio's fabricated out of wood, many with hardwood veneers that can not be replaced or repaired once damaged by moisture.
The idea behind TSF Vintage Radios is to give these radios a use now so they make it to being a valued antique. Once they reach this status they will be cared for and not left in barns and attics in the damp and cold.

There are even more radio's being lost by wifi/Bluetooth conversions where the original radio is removed from its case and lost.

This is not what we do here at TSF Vintage Radios! We've developed a technique where the original speaker is remounted behind the new speakers and all of the old radio remains intact.

The Preservation:

Some radios requiring striping and re-varnishing but if possible I avoid this and cleaned and French polish the wood. With this process we generally have to stabilise some areas of the veneer which takes quite a bit of care and time.
All original components are retained within the radio. Where possible the original speaker is left in the radio and remounted behind the new speakers. If removed they are shipped with the radio.
We also restring dials and pointers to functional state.
Replace the dial artwork where needed. This is again a very time consuming task.
Where needed the old speaker fabric is replaced.
The switches are rebuilt where needed.
The old power plug is removed and a new low voltage power supply installed.

Then the new technology is slotted in so as not to damage the original components.

They are now ready to be part of someone's home again!

Before. After.
We preserve the original radio and make the radios useful again. We ensure they have a future.