Trialmo Radio Type 520 1931 – HiFi – WIFI, Bluetooth

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1930s cathedral TSF unit - WIFI - High-Fidelity sound

Impressive, dark and mysterious, this radio has its own unique style!

93 dB – 70 W – WIFI – Multiroom – Bluetooth

This is not a reproduction but the original radio, which is completely intact.

Get the latest innovations in audio broadcasting combined with a beautiful antique!

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WIFI Multiroom Vintage Radio

Cathedral radio equipped with a 14cm HiFi full-range speaker with high efficiency allowing a crystalline rendering of the mediums. The sound level at one meter is 93 dB: this device is very powerful!

I purchased this radio from a small village in the west of France, Mathe, near La Rochelle.
I knew it was something special when I saw it but had no idea how rare it was! I paid a bit more than expected so that was an indication! It turns out that this may be the only one of this model that survived and is a high end model Trialmo produced in 1931 and they only made a handful of them. Trialmo only made 1500 sets in 1931 total , the year this radio was made. Its so rare that this is the only one of this model I can find anywhere. None of the radio museums have even a picture of the 520! One Muséum has a production advertisement picture but that’s it! It may well be the only one to have survived !
As such we left everything original ; the varnish is original, the scratches are original, the speaker cloth is original! We‘ve added modern technology but left everything else as we found it.

This radio is part of our High Fidelity range. The space available in the case allowed us to integrate a bass reflex box for the speaker: this device is a real modern speaker placed inside the station! The dimensioning of the components was done by numerical calculation, then we measured the response of the system. We finally applied digital filtering to obtain a high-fidelity response. Even the audio system placed in our antiques is unique! You will enjoy with this radio a very rich sound on all frequencies, and in particular with this high-end loudspeaker of splendid midrange.

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Its WIFI module will allow you to stream audio from music platforms and radio stations with much better sound quality than Bluetooth. Technical possibilities are rapidly evolving and we are dedicated to making our vintage devices effective tools to take advantage of them!

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WIFI connectivity also opens up the possibility ofsynchronous wireless streaming to multiple devices (multi-room). If you buy a second device (radio, WIFI record player or WIFI speaker), one could play the left track and the other the right, or one could play your music in the living room and the other in the kitchen.

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The device also features Bluetooth connectivity for streaming sound directly from the web (Youtube...).


  • 100 W class D stereo amplifier
  • High efficiency and high fidelity full-range speaker, made in France.
  • Bass reflex system
  • Digital filtering
  • Maximal sound level of 93db at 1m.
  • High fidelity response from 100 Hz to 20 kHz
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • LED backlighting
  • Original on/off switch, by turning the knob (Belgian switch: the radio turns on by turning the knob backwards!)
  • WIFI / Bluetooth remote
  • Dimensions :  42 x 46 x 28.5 cm

Case condition

The case has quite a few signs of its age but as you can see it’s perfectly as it should! We had the option to sand back the case and revarnish but just couldn’t bring ourselves to destroy that beautiful patina! It has scratches, chips in the varnish and a crack, repaired from the inside, on the right side near the front. Its appearance just simply says, I’m original and I’m beautiful !

History of the radio

Trialmo was founded in 1925 by Alexander Motschan. The records show him as British but living in Belgium. By the 1930’s Trailmo had grown to be the second largest radio manufacturer in Belgium. Sadly that doesn’t actually mean much as Europe was in the throws of the Great Depression. They only only made 1500 sets in 1931, the year this radio was made and only a handful of this model. Its so rare that this is the only one of this model I can find. None of the radio museums have even a picture of this one! It may well be the only one?

Compagnie Continentale Trialmo S.A.
46-48 Avenue Huart-Hamoir, Bruxelles

Trialmo finally went the way of many companies in the 1930’s . They went into liquidation in January 1947. In 1953, the net proceedings of the liquidation were partitioned and the company dissolved and disappeared for ever!


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Bluetooth, Compatible Multiroom, Filtrage numérique, Haute-Fidélité, WIFI


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