Portable Radiola Record-Player UFO 1969


WIFI Multiroom Vintage Record-Player!

Broadcast your vinyl and digital music throughout the house!

WIFI – Multiroom – Bluetooth

Plays 33, 45 and 78 rpm records and broadcasts them synchronously to WIFI speakers, anywhere in your home!

This flying saucer is the alien of our collection!


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WIFI Multiroom Vintage Record-Player!

Stereo turntable equipped with the latest version of our system! The signal from the turntable itself is broadcast in high quality, via WIFI, to your speakers. Listen to your vinyls everywhere in the house, in a perfectly synchronized way!

The turntable has been entirely rebuild. The sapphire needle and the cartridge are new.

The turntable contains a preamplifier and a small amplifier, the lid holds the original 5W speaker.

Apart from the records, the device has WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity with which you can use your phone or tablet to stream your playlists or songs from your favorite music platform.

Find more information about WIFI features.

Ce tourne-disque donnera tout son potentiel associé à un autre de nos systèmes pour une diffusion multiroom.


  • Multiroom ready: broadcast your vinyls and your playlist to your WIFI speakers in perfect sync!
  • WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity: you can connect to the player with your phone or tablet and listen to your playlists and music platforms
  • 5W Amplifier and original Speaker
  • Low voltage power supply that can be used anywhere in the world. Shipped with the appropriate transformer for the destination country.
  • Dimensions : cm

Multiroom systems

To enjoy multiroom streaming, you'll need at least another of our systems:

  • our WIFI speakers are directly compatible;
  • our radios and record players equipped with WIFI version 2 are directly compatible;
  • if you also purchase one of our radios « version 1 » , we will modify it to be directly compatible with the turntable ;
  • we provide WIFI boxes to be connected by an auxiliary plug to your own audio systems to convert them into WIFI speakers;
  • if you already have one of our systems but it is equipped with version 1 of WIFI we offer you the box to make it compatible with the turntable.

More information on multiroom broadcast.

Case condition

It's in very good condition, as you can see on the pictures!

  • A few scratches on the lid.


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Full one year warranty

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Bluetooth, Compatible Multiroom, Platine vinyle, WIFI


Années 60


5 W



WIFI version

version 2


Record Players and Turntables

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