Upcyle your vintage unit

Radio Sonneclair Ruban d'Or 1954 - WIFI Bluetooth multiroom – tsf vintage radios : appareils anciens modernisés en enceintes connectées - Made in France
Un poste de famille rénové et modernisé en enceinte connectée WIFI

You are lucky enough to have the old set of your grandparents or great-grandparents, or maybe you found one at a flea market? You appreciate its vintage look, but regret that it is only a decoration piece at home?

We propose to give it a new life! Follow these links to learn more about our approach or the sound of our units.

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    Device type

    • Mondial Relay will send you a kit containing the cardboard to pack your device, pieces of foam cut to the right size and bubble wrap to protect it, instructions on how to properly protect the item during transit, and a pre-paid Mondial Relay shipping label. All you have to do is get some strong tape, wrap your device and drop it off at your nearest Mondial Relay.

      The original circuitry is kept intact to keep the unit's antique value.

    • Complete cleaning of the device

    • Low voltage + power supply

    • Restoration of the original On/Off switch by turning the knob

    • Renovation of the front panel lighting with an LED system

    • Renovation of the 'magic' eye lighting with an LED system

    • Removal of the original speaker

    • Installation of a full-range loudspeaker with neodymium magnets

    • Installation of an 80W class D amplifier

    • Noise cancellation filters

    • Added WIFI/Bluetooth connectivity with AirPlay, SpotifyConnect and DNLA for listening to music platforms and WIFI reception of radios, podcasts and web radios. Multiroom ready.

    • Response curve recording and digital filtering corrections.

    • WIFI/Bluetooth remote

    • Supplied with detailed manual (setup and operation)

    • Restore the original volume setting by turning the front panel knob.

    • Installation of an analog-to-digital converter; addition of an auxiliary jack on the rear panel to allow a wired connection.

    • 2 way class D 100W amplifier

    • Digital modeling of the case to compute an optimal set of speakers

    • Upgrade to a multi-channel loudspeaker: high-performance woofer, separate tweeter

    • Digital filters for crossover.

    • Repair of knobs / glass panels / cracks / veneer / varnish. This option requires a prior evaluation of the condition of the item on photos. Its price depends on parts and labor.

    • Disassembly and complete overhaul, oiling

    • Replacement of drive wheel and cartridge with new ones

    • Fine adjustment of rotation speed

    • Installation of a preamp

    • Installation of an analog-to-digital converter

    • Shipping of your upgraded unit by Chronopost to France if the customer cannot pick it up at the workshop. For other destinations, please ask us in the text box at the bottom of the form.

    The customer is responsible for the packaging of his device, tsfVintageRadios can advise him but cannot be held responsible for any damage caused before its reception at the workshop.