Are your devices guaranteed?

Yes, all our devices come with a full one-year warranty.

What remains of the original system in your radios and record players?

Everything! Our radios and record players are all originals and are sold intact (the original tube circuits are still present, only the speaker is removed from the case). They retain all their antique value.

How to connect your devices to the WIFI network?

After turning on the device and downloading the app to your phone or tablet (Android or iOS), you will need to use the app to enter your network's security code, that's it! The sequence of operations is described precisely in the manual.

For a second device, it's even easier, as the application has memorized your security code.

What are the advantages of WIFI over Bluetooth?

We have written a full article on WIFI features.

Je dispose d’un appareil ancien, pouvez-vous le moderniser ?

Yes, we can upgrade your radio or record player, with the same high standards of preservation and quality. We even modernize vintage car radios!
You can get a free quote by filling in the form..

How does the synchronous broadcast /multiroom system work?

An explanation in pictures.

Which music platforms are compatible with your WIFI devices?

Our WIFI modules are compatible with Airplay, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal, Amazon Music, Pandora, Napster ... You will also be able to broadcast in wifi any FM station, podcast or webradio

Does the original AM/FM radio still work on your devices?

There are almost no Amplitude Modulation transmitters left in Europe, and the circuits filtering FM stations on these vintage devices are too large to select a single station from the current offering. The original circuitry is still present, but our systems do not use it. Some devices are equipped with a modern FM tuner and, for all models equipped with WIFI, you can use the "radio" module of the application on your phone/tablet to broadcast any station (FM or webradio) in WIFI with excellent sound quality and all the advantages of WIFI.

What is the purpose of the green eye?

The eye was used at the time as a telltale when searching for stations. It changed its appearance and shrank like a cat's eye when the received signal strength was maximum. We restore its lighting for the aesthetics of the device, but it has no more use.

Can I get replacement needles and cartridges for your record players?

Yes, they are still made and easily found on the web. We also sell them on this site..

What is the life span of the drive wheel of the record players?

We replace it with a new one during the restoration of the devices, and most of the time it is the original one that we remove: their lifespan is over 40 years.

How long does it take to deliver your devices?

Delivery in three or four working days in France, up to seven days for some states in the USA.

I would like to offer one of your units, how do I proceed?

Vous pouvez signaler qu’il s’agit d’un cadeau dans la boîte de dialogue au moment de la confirmation de commande, après avoir entré l’adresse de destination. La facture ne sera alors pas jointe au colis. Vous pouvez aussi en profiter pour nous dicter un message à joindre à l’appareil afin qu’il soit découvert à l’ouverture du colis.

Do your devices work on 110 or 220 V?

Most of our devices are on low voltage and can therefore be used anywhere in the world. We ship them with the appropriate transformer for the electrical network of the destination country.

The motor of some turntables, however, only works with European network (220 V, 50 Hz).

The compatibility with the different electrical networks is highlighted in the description of the devices.

What are the shipping costs?

We ship free of charge to France, Belgium, UK, Germany, Holland and Spain.

We charge 50€ for shipping record-players and radios to Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Portugal, and 30€ for turntables and light WIFI speakers.

To the United States, small radios will be charged €180 for shipping, €280 for large radios and all record players and €90 for turntables and light WIFI speakers.

For Canada, the shipping of small radios will be charged 240€, 320€ for large radios and record players and 120€ for turntables and light WIFI speakers.

For any other destination, contact us avant l’achat.

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