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Connected Vintage Radios, Record-Players and vinyl Turntables.
Multiroom, WIFI streaming, Bluetooth.

Art-deco antiques, restored and modernized in our workshop deep in the South of France.

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What if your Hi-Fi system was a collector's piece?

Since 2016, with thirty years of experience in the repair and design of audio systems, we are dedicated to bringing out of the attics and giving a future to antique Wireless Telegraphy radio sets, vinyl turntables and record players. We have a particular affection for the curved lines and backlighting of the 1950s and the Art Deco design. These antiques are modernized without being denatured, we add to them a class D amp, quality speakers and a wireless connectivity having nothing to envy to modern connected speakers. Our creations. Our systems.

Most of our systems have in addition to Bluetooth a WIFI connection to music platforms and radio stations or webradio ... It will allow you to use your tablet or your smartphone as a remote control, offering a much better sound quality than Bluetooth. WIFI audio: what's more than Bluetooth?

Last but not least, WIFI streaming opens the possibility of synchronous wireless broadcasting on several devices (multiroom). And that includes your vinyl records! Place them wherever you want, connect them to your home network, and enjoy your synchronized music throughout the house. Multiroom explained with pictures.

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