Sonolor Record Player Cyclone 1955 - Bluetooth


Vintage art-deco record-player - Bluetooth

160 W – Bluetooth – Aux input– FM

Plays 33, 45 and 78 rpm records

This is not a reproduction but an original! Get the latest innovations in audio broadcasting combined with a beautiful antique!


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Vintage Bluetooth Record-Player

Art Deco record player equipped with Bluetooth to enjoy, in addition to records, your playlists and songs from your favorite music platform.

It contains a 160 W class D stereo amplifier combined with two 80 W speakers (the original speaker had a power of 1W!). On the rear panel, knobs allow to adjust the bass/treble to correct the quality losses of aged vinyl.

The turntable is a 1955 Eden and has a new motor, a new needle and a new replica of the cartridge. The drive wheel has been replaced by a new one as well. The turntables of that time were designed to play mono and stereo records, it has a flip over diamond/Sapphire needle with a light tracking weight compatible with modern stereo records. It allows the playback of modern records (33, 45 and 78 rpm).

Its auxiliary jack allows you to connect to it via wire (and make it a vintage amp for an electric guitar), it's also equipped with an FM tuner.


  • Class D amplifier, 160 W
  • 2 x 80 W neodymium magnet speakers tuned to the amplifier for good sound quality in all the frequencies range
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Aux input
  • FM radio
  • Bluetooth / Aux / FM remote
  • LED backlighting
  • Original on/off switch and volume control by turning the knob
  • Low voltage power supply, it can be used anywhere in the world, regardless of the mains voltage characteristics (220 or 110V, 50 or 60 Hz). Shipped with the appropriate transformer.
  • Dimensions : 48,5 x 33 x 35,5 cm

Case condition

It is completely original and shows almost no sign of the passage of time:

  • the varnish has some sunfaded areas, which appear mater in low light
  • some crazing on the front plastic

As you can see on the pictures, he is in perfect condition considering his 67 years!

History of the radio

Both the Sonolor radio and Tappez record player are highly collectible in their own right! Sonolor started making the Cyclone in 1955 and only produce it for 2 years so it’s very rare.

Sonolor is one of the legendary Art Deco brands, whose style stands out. Established in Paris, they took advantage of the post-war period and good designers to make a place for themselves in the small club of French radio manufacturers and became prominent at the turn of the 1960s. Attracting foreign investments, Sonolor was bought in 1972 by ITT (International Telephone and Telegraph corporation) which sold it to Nokia in 1987. The last Sonolor products were released in 1989.

Teppaz was founded in 1931, it was the first French brand to market a 78 rpm turntable in 1941, and remained the main turntable manufacturer until the 1970s. The brand specialized in portable record players, amplifiers, speakers and telephones. Teppaz was bought in 1988 by J-C. Sensamat, president of the company of the same name with the ambition to continue the audio lines of the brand. The company still exists, but seems to be limited to import-export, we have not found any reference to their audio systems.


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