TSF Radio beginning 1930s – HiFi – WIFI, Bluetooth

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1930s cathedral TSF unit - WIFI - High-Fidelity sound

92 dB – 100 W – WIFI – Multiroom – Bluetooth

This is not a reproduction but the original radio, which is completely intact.

Get the latest innovations in audio broadcasting combined with a beautiful antique!

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WIFI Multiroom Vintage Radio

Cathedral radio equipped with a large 17 cm HiFi coaxial speaker . The sound level at one meter is 92 dB: this device is powerful!

This radio is part of our Haute-Fidelity range. The components were dimensioned by digital calculation, then we measured the system's response. Finally, we applied digital filtering to obtain a high-fidelity response. The unit is also designed with noise cancellation filters to suppress electronic noise from the WIFI card and electrical activity in the room.

Particular attention has been paid to bass: the bass is dynamic (its level is increased at low volume) and a switch activates the Superbass function to give the bass more substance according to taste and the type of music listened to.

Even the audio system inside our antiques is unique! With this radio, you'll enjoy rich sound across all frequencies.

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Its WIFI module will allow you to stream audio from music platforms and radio stations with much better sound quality than Bluetooth. Technical possibilities are rapidly evolving and we are dedicated to making our vintage devices effective tools to take advantage of them!

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WIFI connectivity also opens up the possibility of synchronous wireless streaming to multiple devices (multi-room). If you buy a second device (radio, WIFI record player or WIFI speaker), one could play the left track and the other the right, or one could play your music in the living room and the other in the kitchen.

More information on multiroom broadcast.

The device is also equipped with a Bluetooth connectivity to broadcast tracks stored on your phone (MP3 ...) or sound directly from the Internet (Youtube ...).


  • 100 W class D stereo amplifier
  • Coaxial speaker (80W 17cm woofer + tweeter)
  • Dynamic bass
  • Superbass function
  • Digital filtering
  • Noise cancellation filters
  • Maximal sound level 92dB at 1m
  • High-fidelity response from 60 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • LED backlighting
  • Interrupteur marche/arrêt d’origine, par rotation du bouton
  • WIFI / Bluetooth remote
  • Dimensions :  31 x 37 x 22 cm

Case condition

The case shows some signs of its age, but as you can see, it's in very good condition.

History of the radio

A rare thing: we don't know anything about it! Even the brand name is not visible on the device.


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100 W


Basses dynamiques, Bluetooth, Compatible Multiroom, Filtrage numérique, Filtres anti-bruits, Haute-Fidélité, Superbass, WIFI


Années 30

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