Lemouzy Radio 514 1953 – WIFI, Bluetooth


WIFI Vintage TSF radio

80 W – WIFI – Multiroom – Bluetooth – Prise auxiliaire

A rare model with an original design.

This is not a reproduction but an original! Get the latest innovations in audio broadcasting combined with a beautiful antique!

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WIFI Multiroom Vintage Radio

Art Deco radio equipped with a 80 W stereo amplifier combined with two adjusted speakers of 40W each (the original speaker had a power of 1 W).

Its WIFI module will allow you to stream audio from music platforms and radio stations with much better sound quality than Bluetooth. Technical possibilities are rapidly evolving and we are dedicated to making our vintage devices effective tools to take advantage of them!

Find more information about WIFI features.

WIFI connectivity also opens up the possibility of synchronous wireless streaming to multiple devices (multi-room). If you buy a second device (radio, WIFI record player or WIFI speaker), one could play the left track and the other the right, or one could play your music in the living room and the other in the kitchen.

More information on multiroom broadcast.

The device also features Bluetooth connectivity for quick sound streaming, and an auxiliary jack (you can use it as a vintage amp for a guitar)


  • Class D amplifier, 80 W
  • 2 x 40 W neodymium magnet speakers tuned to the amplifier for good sound quality in all the frequencies range
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Aux input
  • LED backlighting
  • Original on/off switch and volume control by turning the knob
  • WIFI / Bluetooth remote
  • Dimensions : 45 x 27 x 23 cm

Case condition

It is completely original and shows almost no sign of its age:

  • a deep scratch on the top right of the case
  • the grill as some cracks repaired from the inside
  • the grill has some warping due to heat
  • the dial glass also has some bubbling paint in places

As you can see on the pictures, this radio is in very good condition for its old age!

History of the radio

Lemouzy was founded in 1915 by Joseph Lemouzy, to support the war effort during the First World War. The production of radios continued until 1972.

This small company only produced a few hundred of each model. We had never seen this model, and this is the first post of the brand that we found.

That's all we know about the brand so far!



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Bluetooth, Compatible Multiroom, Prise Auxiliaire, WIFI


2 x 80 W



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