Emerson Radio U6L 1934 – WIFI, Bluetooth


WIFI Vintage TSF radio

80 W – WIFI – Multiroom – Bluetooth

This is not a reproduction but an original! Get the latest innovations in audio broadcasting combined with a beautiful antique!

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WIFI Multiroom Vintage Radio

Rare radio equipped with an 80 W amplifier combined with an 80 W wide-band speaker (the original speaker had a power of 1 W!).

Its WIFI module will allow you to stream audio from music platforms and radio stations with much better sound quality than Bluetooth. Technical possibilities are rapidly evolving and we are dedicated to making our vintage devices effective tools to take advantage of them!

Find more information about WIFI features.

WIFI connectivity also opens up the possibility ofsynchronous wireless streaming to multiple devices (multi-room). If you buy a second device (radio, WIFI record player or WIFI speaker), one could play the left track and the other the right, or one could play your music in the living room and the other in the kitchen.

More information on multiroom broadcast.

The device also features Bluetooth connectivity for quick sound streaming.


  • Class D amplifier, 80 W
  • Full-Range 80 W dual-cone speaker with neodyme magnets, adjusted to the amp for good sound quality in all the frequencies range
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • LED backlighting
  • Original on/off switch by turning the knob
  • WIFI / Bluetooth remote
  • Low voltage power supply, it can be used anywhere in the world, regardless of the mains voltage characteristics (220 or 110V, 50 or 60 Hz). Shipped with the appropriate transformer.
  • Dimensions :  33 x 26 x20 cm

Case condition

The exterior is completely original. As such, it shows some signs of its age:

  • the varnish is very slightly scratched in places;

As you can see on the pictures, this radio is in excellent condition for its 88 years!

History of the radio

This radio is a rare model Emerson radio made in 1934. In 1932 Emerson started a line of smaller more compact radios. They were an instant success! After a few years Emerson started a high end line of radios but still compact with the classic round dial found in larger cathedral radios. As this was their high end model far fewer of these were made making them difficult to find and highly collectible!

Emerson Model 400-3 “Patriot” (1940) radio, made of CatalThe “peewee” radio was introduced December 1932. Measuring about 8½ inches long and 6¼ inches wide, approximately 60 percent of all radios sold between early December 1932 and late May 1933 were peewees

Emerson Radio Corporation is one of the United States’ largest volume consumer electronics distributors and has a recognized trademark in continuous use since 1912.

Emerson Radio Corp. was incorporated in 1915 as Emerson Phonograph Co.(NAICS: 421620 Consumer Electronics Wholesaling), based in New York City, by an early recording engineer and executive, Victor Hugo Emerson, who was at one time employed by Columbia Records. The first factories were opened in Chicago and Boston in 1920. In December of that year, the company fell victim to the sales slump which affected the entire phonograph industry caused by the post-World War I recession and the growth of the rapidly expanding commercial radio industry in the early 1920s. The company quickly went from the self-claimed third largest US record manufacturer into receivership.

In 1922 Emerson Phonograph Co. passed into the hands of Benjamin Abrams and Rudolph Kanarak. Abrams, a phonograph and record salesman, along with his two brothers, ran the company and renamed it Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corp in 1924 after entering the radio business. The company’s phonograph record interests were subsequently sold. Although Emerson introduced the first radio-phonograph combination sold in the United States, the company remained relatively obscure until 1932, when, during the Great Depression, it introduced the “peewee” radio.

Emerson Radio & Phonograph converted to military production for World War II in 1942, when it held one-sixth of the U.S. radio market. In 1943, it became a public corporation, when it offered over 40 percent of its stock to the public for $12 a share. In 1947, among its first post-war products, Emerson offered a television set with a 10-inch tube. Although its ending retail price was nearly equal to a month’s salary for the average working American, it put Emerson at the lower end of the market. However, between fiscal 1948 and 1950, the high demand for television allowed Emerson to more than double its sales. Its net income reached a record of $6.5 million in fiscal 1950, with sales of $74.2 million.

The Emerson brand is still in production today!


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